Honour Roll, Key Appointments

and members that served in South Vietnam

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Honour Roll

Sig Dennis Eric Abraham   Click for photo icon Cross

Dennis was a national serviceman Signalman radio operator and was killed when the US helicopter in which he was riding was shot down on 29th September 1968 in Long KhanhProvince, South Vietnam. He was part of a four men Retrans Detachment operating at Blackhorse and also included Robert “Bob” Parkyns (Det Comd), Geoff Morgan and Robert 'Skid' Rowe.  Non shift members were drinking with a US Army LFT (Light Fire Team) crew from the 2/11 ACR and were invited to do a mission the next day.  Dennis was not on shift and jump at the opportunity.

Their UH-1C Huey (Tail Number 66-00523)  never made it back to Blackhorse and the five serviceman on board were KIA on the 29th Sept 1968.  US Army serviceman were WO1 Jerry Lee Harris (Aircraft Commander), WO1 William Paul Rollins (Pilot), SP5 Blaine Joseph Shepherd (Crew) and SP4 John James Matuska (Crew).

The 104 Sig Sqn OR Club at Nui Dat was name in Dennis's Honour  as the 'Abraham Club' Photo of the Abraham Club, Nui Dat, South Vietnam in early 1969. A photo and plaque was placed in the club at the time. Since, the OR Canteen at 104 Sig Sqn is always named in honour of Dennis.   The tradition is still proudly maintained at the 1st Combat Signal Regiment (1CSR) in Darwin. Photo of the Abraham Club, Nui Dat, South Vietnam

Dennis is interred at Centennial Park, South Australia.

Cpl Denis John Donnelly   Click for photo icon  Cross

Denis was a Corporal Clerk with 104 Sig Sqn and was killed at the Australian base, Nui Dat, Phuoc Tuy, South Vietnam when his was cleaning his 9mm F1 sub-machine gun and it accidentally discharged on the morning of the 9th August 1967.

Denis is interred at Mudgee Cemetery, New South Wales.

Sig Alexander Henry Young   Click for photo icon Cross

Alex was a national serviceman Signalman lineman but was in the CMF before being called up. He was killed in action two weeks before his 22nd Birthday on Operation Toan Thang, in BienHoa Province, at the Battle of Coral, during an mortar/rocket attack on Fire Support Patrol Base Coral, on the 16th May 1968.

The 104 Sig Sqn training room at Nui Dat constructed early 1969 was named in Alex's honour as the  'Alexander Young Training Room' The Alexander Young Training Room, 1CSR, Darwin    A photo and plaque was placed in the room at the time.  

The original training building at 104 Sig Sqn, 1st Combat Signal Regiment (1CSR), Darwin was still named in honour of Alex. The Alexander Young Training Room, 1CSR, Darwin   However on the 8th August 2018, 1CSR formally opened the 'Alexander Young  Battlefield  Communication Wing', which replaced the training building.  The new training facility is the first of its kind to be embedded into a Royal Australian Corps of Signals Combat Signal Regiment. The Alexander Young Training Room, 1CSR, Darwin

Alex is interred at the Garden of Remembrance, Mt Gravatt Cemetery, Queensland.

Key Appointments

Officer Commanding (OC)

Major G. L. Lawrence Apr 1967 to Jan 1968 Click for photo icon Cross
Major N. C. Munro Jan 1968 to Jan 1969 Click for photo icon
Major K. P. Morel Jan 1969 to Jan 1970 Click for photo icon Cross
Major N. R. Bergin Jan 1970 to Jan 1971 Click for photo icon Cross
Major A. G Roberts Jan 1971 to Nov 1971 Click for photo icon

Squadron Sergeant  Major (SSM)

WO2 A. D. Evans Jan 1967 to Jan 1968 Click for photo icon  Cross
WO2 R. A. Still Jan 1968 to Jan 1969 Click for photo icon  Cross
WO2 S. R. Conlon Jan 1969 to Jan 1970 Click for photo icon  Cross
WO2 A. B. Huston Jan 1970 to Jan 1971 Click for photo icon  Cross
WO2 B. R. Fisher Jan 1970 to Sept 1971 Click for photo icon  Cross


Members that served in South Vietnam

 Deceased Member   Deceased (Please advise any corrections)

From To Service # SURNAME, First, Second
21-Mar-68 29-Sep-68 47112546 ABRAHAM, Dennis Eric   Deceased Member
KIA - 29 Sept 1968 - Lest we forget  
10-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 1202609 ADAMS, Phillip John
05-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 3790522 AGNEW, Douglas Alexander
25-Apr-67 23-Dec-67 1731530 AGNEW, John Alfred
24-Mar-68 26-Aug-68 1200043 AIKMAN, Anthony Adrian  Deceased Member
03-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 2792600 ALLAN, Rodney John
17-Jan-68 01-Oct-68 2786196 ALLEN, David
26-Aug-68 02-Apr-69 2787094 ALLEN, Mervyn Frederick
01-Jul-68 04-Jun-69 4719443 AMBER, Graham Arthur
10-Mar-68 26-Nov-68 17714 ANDERSON, Darryl John
20-Jan-70 13-Aug-70 39615 ANDERSON, Graeme Neil
25-Apr-67 05-Mar-68 3411597 ANDERSON, Ian Charles
25-Apr-67 02-Apr-68 216480 ANDERSON, Noel Grant  Deceased Member
02-Sep-69 24-Sep-70 39675 ANDERSON, Robert Lyle
02-May-67 23-Dec-67 5714008 ANNING, Philip Arthur
06-Oct-65 (+)
08-Jan-66 (+)
24366 ANSTEE, Maurice George  Deceased Member
(+) First tour with AATTV
20-Nov-67 17-Jan-68 35822 APPLEBY, Allan Donald  Deceased Member
29-Apr-68 07-May-69 2787812 ARMITT, Kevin Ross   Deceased Member
05-Feb-68 17-Sep-68 3792097 ARMSTRONG, Eric Robert   Deceased Member
02-May-67 23-Dec-67 5714011 ARMSTRONG, Reginald Beresford
15-Feb-68 11-Feb-69 47034 ARNOLD, Graham Ronald
02-Dec-70 30-Sep-71 1202558 ARROWSMITH, Geoffrey Alan
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 5714237 ARTHUR, Gerald Peter
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 4720099 ASHTON, David John
13-May-69 30-Apr-70 2787985 ATKINSON, Jeffrey Norman   Deceased Member
24-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 138191 AUCHER, Terence Arthur
22-Jul-68 23-Jul-69 3792610 BAIRD, Donald John
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 4720907 BAKER, Christopher John
216690 BAKER, Colin Jeffery
25-Apr-67 23-Apr-68 43826 BAKER, Richard John
11-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 2785184 BALL, Alan Charles
02-May-67 05-Mar-68 2782873 BANKS, Albert John
12-May-66 (+)
10-Apr-67 (+)
213486 BANKS, Raymond Charles  Deceased Member
(+) First tour with 5RAR
03-Nov-71 (+)
06-Mar-72 (#)
05-Mar-72 (+)
21-May-72 (#)
53631 BANNIGAN, William  Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
(#) AAAGV Sig Det
17-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 45018 BARBARY, Philip James   Deceased Member
17-Mar-69 11-Mar-70 1734226 BARBER, Trevor Cedric
23-Feb-71 15-Dec-71 219364 BARDWELL, Ian Christopher
13-May-69 17-Jun-69 3794491 BARLOW, John Andrew
20-Aug-67 (+)
16 Apr 68 (+)
36311 BARNES, Francis Edward  Deceased Member
(+) HQ AFV (Amry Component)
02-May-67 19-Dec-67 4717877 BARRY, Brian Joseph
21-May-71 18-Nov-71 1202257 BARRY, Ernest Lionell
24-Mar-68 19-Mar-69 47112578 BAUM, John David
24-Mar-70 18-Mar-71 3796261 BAYES, Geoffrey Duncan
30-Apr-71 18-Nov-71 45662 BEARD, Andree Victor
15-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 2795707 BEARD, Warwick Glenn
26-Apr-67 21-Mar-68 52794 BEAVER, Allan Roland
03-Mar-67 (+)
26-May-71 (+)
18287 BECKER, Ian Robert

(#)  2AOD
10-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 2792313 BEEBAR, Allen Edward
02-Dec-68 18-Jun-69 1733198 BEESTON, Henry Michael
28-Dec-67 27-Aug-68 37125666 BELL, Alan Scott
23-Sep-69 17-Sep-70 39415 BELL, John William   Deceased Member
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 3794059 BELOW, Karl Robert
19 Aug 68
20 Aug 69
217105 BENNETT, Gregory John   Deceased Member
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 1731993 BENNETT, James Mortimer   Deceased Member
01-Oct-69 08-Oct-70 312530 BENNETT, Leigh Norman
22-Apr-68 30-Apr-69 1200602 BENNETT, Malcolm Leith
04-Jun-70 10-Nov-70 37159 BENNETT, Terence Frances   Deceased Member
9-Dec-68 (+)
23-Dec-68 (+)
2788605 BENNETT, Wayne Leslie   Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
27-Apr-70 26-Apr-71 216866 BENZIE, Robert Edwin
06-Jan-70 30-Jan-71 47021 BERGIN, Neville Ross   Deceased Member
05-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 214845 BERNTSSON, Warren John
24-Feb-69 10-Dec-69 1733527 BERTINI, John Louis
11-Feb-71 30-Sep-71 218414 BEWLEY, Jeffrey Sidney
18-Jul-67 16-Jul-68 5714637 BILSBY, Ralph Graham
24-Mar-71 27-Nov-71 3798321 BIRD, Peter John
10-Mar-68 10-Dec-68 2785853 BISHOP, Alexander John
18-Dec-67 27-Aug-68 37125648 BLACK, Ian Morris
13-May-70 12-May-71 1735633 BLACK, Patrick Joseph
05-Dec-67 22-Oct-68 1732932 BLACKMAN, Peter
29-Apr-67 (+)
18783 BLAIR, Graham John
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
25-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 45176 BLAYNEY, Edmund Alexander
24-Mar-70 18-Mar-71 235337 BLEECHMORE, Keith
1733554 BLINCO, Barry Alan
(+)  110 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn
02-May-67 19-Dec-67 2783323 BOAZ, Allan William
25-Apr-67 05-Mar-68 215216 BOLAND, Anthony Paul
13-Jan-71 15-Dec-71 29847 BOLAND, Denis Lynch   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 30-Mar-68 5714254 BOND, Ross Graeme   Deceased Member
24-Mar-69 11-Mar-70 47191259 BONYTHON, Christopher Stephen
02-May-67 27-Feb-68 5714255 BOOKER, Alan Munro
29-Apr-70 21-Apr-71 5716788 BOSUSTOW, Arthur Robert  Deceased Member
07-Oct-70 21-Jan-71 37556 BOTH, Allan Graham
23-Sep-70 21-Oct-71 6708455 BOTWRIGHT, Graham   Deceased Member
24-Mar-68 02-Apr-69 6708838 BOUCHER, Anthony   Deceased Member
20-Jan-70 10-Sep-70 1734981 BOWLER, George Henry   Deceased Member
11-May-71 18-Nov-71 2795714 BOX, Paul Gilbert
24-Mar-71 27-Nov-71 1202973 BOYD, David William
24-Mar-71 09-Dec-71 1201796 BOYES, Ross   Deceased Member
08-Sep-71 03-Nov-71 56215 BRADLEY, Stephen
02-May-67 12-Feb-68 5410943 BRADLEY, Terry  Deceased Member
03-Mar-70 26-Nov-70 2791082 BRADY, Gregory John
02-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 217814 BRANCH, Robert James  Deceased Member
18-Nov-66 (+)
25-Apr-67 (+)
1731022 BRAND, Malcolm Oliver
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
20-Jan-70 21-Jan-71 312943 BRAY, Anthony Brian
24-Jun-69 11-Jun-70 4720073 BRAZEL, John Jerome   Deceased Member
08-Jun-71 09-Dec-71 1736707 BRESLIN, Bruce James
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 5714460 BRICE, Peter George  Deceased Member
02-Dec-69 26-Nov-70 213350 BRIDGMAN, Bruce Raymond
11-May-71 16-Oct-71 313399 BRIGHT, Peter John
02-May-67 05-Mar-68 4717999 BRIGHT, Trevor Allan
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 3788655 BRISTOL, Leonard George   Deceased Member
11-May-71 18-Nov-71 37912579 BRITT, Robert Allan
03-Jun-69 11-Feb-70 2788340 BROOKS, Warwick James
05-Jun-67 27-Sep-67 3410300 BROOMHALL, Brian
26-Nov-70 02-Dec-71 120195 BROWN, Alan Douglas
24-Jun-69 07-May-70 44221 BROWN, Anthony Quinn
26-Apr-67 21-Mar-68 1200476 BROWN, Dennis George
08-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 218519 BROWN, Robert Norman   Deceased Member
19-Aug-71 04-Nov-71 3798314 BROWNE, Clive Alexander   Deceased Member
30 Jul 68 (+)
1 Oct 68 (+)
1733558 BRUGGEMAN, Neil John  
(+) 1ARU
01-Apr-68 18-Mar-69 351940 BRYANT, Alan George
24-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 1202573 BRYCE, Phillip Alan
03-Mar-70 16-Jul-70 2112522 BUCKLEY, John Mervyn   Deceased Member  
25-Apr-67 28-Nov-67 3787864 BUCKTHORPE, Peter Darrel
18-Dec-68 06-Sep-69 2786516 BUGGE, Michael Gordon  Deceased Member
10-Mar-71 30-Sep-71 53246 BULBECK, Edmund Spencer  Deceased Member
01-Apr-69 25-Mar-70 3793881 BULLEN, Mark Alwyn
02-Dec-68 17-Sep-69 2788443 BULTITUDE, Brian Frederick
06-Jan-69 07-Jan-70 39536 BURGESS, Richard John
23-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 313688 BURKE, Barry William   Deceased Member
14-Oct-68 15-Oct-69 55443 BURLEY, Peter John   Deceased Member
02-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 5715614 BURNEY, Colin Mark
29-Apr-69 18-Mar-70 3793662 CADDY, Paul Francis
15-Apr-70 14-Apr-71 3796600 CADUSCH, Brian Victor
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 2791162 CALDERWOOD, David John
13-May-69 04-Mar-70 3793886 CALLAGHAN, Desmond Anthony
21-Oct-68 06-Sep-69 1733739 CALLAGHAN, John Patrick
06-Jan-71 17-Jul-71 39040 CAMERON, Thomas Sutherland   Deceased Member
17-Jan-68 21-Dec-68 3790954 CAMPBELL, Alister Neil
20-Apr-71 18-Nov-71 2794683 CAMPBELL, Anthony Gordon
19-Aug-68 20-Aug-69 423749 CAMPBELL, Darryl Gordon
16-Sep-68 02-Apr-69 5715066 CAMPBELL-FRASER, Colin Stewart
30-Sep-70 26-Aug-71 1736098 CAREW-REID, William Herbert
10-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 53663 CARLSON, Frederick James  Deceased Member
25-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 37125725 CARPENTER, Richard Lindsay
16-Dec-68 18-Jun-69 4719256 CARR, John Norman
08-Jul-70 08-Jul-71 312586 CASEY, John David   Deceased Member
28-Oct-70 28-Oct-71 51065 CASEY, Kenneth Roy  Deceased Member
17-Mar-71 25-Nov-71 235372 CASTLE, Michael John
23-Sep-69 11-Jun-70 2790676 CHAMBERS, Michael Ralph
02-Dec-70 04-Nov-71 3797182 CHAMBERS, Robert Harry
16-Sep-70 16-Sep-71 55995 CHESTERS, Alan Norman
10-Mar-68 07-Jan-69 1732678 CHRISTIANSEN, Richard
18-Dec-67 26-Nov-68 3790565 CHRISTIE, Graham John
20-Feb-70 18-Feb-71 312559 CHURCHILL, David John
20-Nov-67 28-May-68 4718329 CLANCY, Paul Michael
03-Mar-70 23-Jul-70 39844 CLARK, Gregory John
13-Jan-69 14-Jan-70 27125909 CLARK, Ian Bruce   Deceased Member
15-Jul-68 16-Jul-69 1733433 CLARK, Ronald Stanley
02-May-67 06-Feb-68 5714275 CLARKE, Alexander
15-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 342961 CLARKE, Paul   Deceased Member
02-Sep-70 02-Sep-71 313383 CLARKSON, Robert Alan
12-Aug-70 05-Aug-71 55969 CLEMENS, Dennis Malcolm
03-Jun-69 25-May-70 1201362 CLEWLEY, Barry Patrick
25-Apr-67 06-Feb-68 16843 CLEWLEY, Leslie James
24-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 3795919 CLIFTON, Roger Charles
30-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 3795107 CLINK, Robert John
17-Jan-68 27-Aug-68 3789711 CLOHESY, Phillip John
24-Jun-69 18-Jun-70 5716015 COATES, Stanley Graham
02-Dec-69 26-Nov-70 42820 COE, Kerry Thomas
13-May-70 19-May-71 55872 COGHLAN, Bryan Raymond  Deceased Member
20-Jan-70 19-Aug-71 219546 COLEMAN, Joseph Henry  Deceased Member
09-Sep-69 09-Jul-70 1734092 COLEMAN, William George
16-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 2795646 COLLINSON, Christopher   Deceased Member
06-Jan-69 14-Jan-70 135832 CONLON, Stanley Roser  Deceased Member
02-Sep-70 26-Aug-71 5716973 CONNELLY, Jeffrey Frank
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 4720935 COOKSLEY, Raymond George
25-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 1735652 COOPER, Brian Lindsay
15-Apr-69 04-Mar-70 27125855 COOPER, Murray Robert
08-Jul-70 09-Jun-71 1735837 CORE, Keith Edward   Deceased Member
39920 CORNWALL, Graeme Desmond  Deceased Member
215150 COUPER, Robert Francis
1200263 COWAN, Wayne Richard
06-Jan-69 07-Jan-70 212855 COWDROY, Maxwell James
10-Mar-68 10-Dec-68 1732686 COX, Kenneth Joseph
26-Sep-67 12-Mar-68 4718113 CRADDOCK, Peter David   Deceased Member
17-Jun-70 16-Jun-71 1736102 CRAMP, Harry Bernard   Deceased Member
01-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 3173493 CRANE, John Frederick
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 27835125 CRANGLE, Ian Paul
25-Apr-67 31-Dec-67 5714056 CRAWFORD, Alan Robert
18-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 1732688 CRICHTON, James Lawson
25 Feb 69 (+)
26 Feb 69 (-)

25 Feb 69 (+)
02 Mar 69 (-)

2790059 CRILLEY, Paul Vincent   Deceased Member
(+) 104 Sig Sqn
(-) HQ1ATF
12-Jun-67 24-Dec-67 5714057 CROOK, John Roland
01-Apr-68 26-Feb-69 1732839 CROSBIE, Harold John
08-Jan-68 10-Dec-68 5714843 CROSTHWAITE, Ian Parker
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 38091 CRUTCHFIELD, Leslie John
25-Feb-68 14-Jan-69 37109 CUNNEEN, Lawrence Paul  Deceased Member
26-Apr-66 (+)
08-Jun-66 (+)
1200163 CURTIS, Henry Cecil   Deceased Member
(+) 103 Sig Sqn
09-Dec-69 03-Dec-70 3795268 DAFFY, Wayne James   Deceased Member
09-Dec-68 19-Dec-69 39115 DARCY, Geoffrey Patrick   Deceased Member
25-Aug-71 15-Dec-71 2796495 DASS, Paul Stephen   Deceased Member
24-Mar-71 04-Nov-71 6709721 DAVEY, Peter Vincent  Deceased Member
01-Jul-67 12-Mar-68 42967 DAVEY, Robin Alexander
24-Feb-69 10-Dec-69 1733950 DAVIDSON, Anthony Ronald
20-Jan-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
3787997 DAVIDSON, Trevor John
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
02-May-67 19-Dec-67 1731429 DAVISON, Kerry John
02-Sep-70 02-Sep-71 61820 DAWES, Anthony Michael   Deceased Member
27-May-70 02-Jun-71 5716638 DAWSON, Maxwell James
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 1732066 DAY, Alan
02-May-67 22-Dec-67 2783604 DAY, George Christopher  Deceased Member
17-May-67 (+)
38667 DEED, Brian William   Deceased Member
(+)  103 Sig Sqn - first tour
23-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 1202676 DEEM, Gilbert Piers   Deceased Member
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 3788799 DEJONG, Hilton Patrick
05-Feb-68 28-May-68 5714480 DELL, Dudley Heath
15-Apr-68 03-Jul-68 61620 DELL, Tassie John
08-Apr-70 11-Feb-71 1201982 DENNING, Desmond Glen
16-Apr-70 12-May-71 1200979 DENNIS, Robert James
05-Feb-68 03-Sep-68 5714659 DENTON, Philip Stanley
17-Sep-69 24-Sep-69 368295 DETERING, Robert Henry
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 5716809 DEWAR, Terence Mark
28-Dec-67 19-Nov-68 37658 DEY, John Curr   Deceased Member
13-May-70 12-May-71 3796673 DIAMOND, Edward John  Deceased Member
Nov-71 (*)
312522 DICK, George Alexander  Deceased Member
(*) 86 Tpt Pl
11-Nov-68 19-Nov-69 335170 DIDDAMS, Peter Flower
28-Oct-70 27-Oct-71 42782 DIDSMAN, Michael Hans
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 43963 DOIDGE, John David
18-Jul-67 09-Aug-67 216445 DONNELLY, Denis John   Deceased Member
AK - 9 Aug 1967 - Lest we forget 
29-Apr-68 03-Dec-68 2786593 DONNELLY, Larry James  Deceased Member
06-May-68 25-Sep-68 217726 DONNELLY, Michael
10-Oct-67 20-Aug-68 1732422 DONOGHUE, Dennis Paul
02-May-67 23-Dec-67 6708404 DORAN, Kerry Francis
14-Oct-68 15-Oct-69 54032 DOUGLAS, Gordon John   Deceased Member
25-Feb-68 21-Jan-69 37360 DOUGLAS, Leslie Stuart   Deceased Member
02-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 44128 DOWNIE, Gordon Francis
20-May-68 02-Apr-69 2787027 DOWNS, Peter Stephen
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 2784866 DOWSETT, Barry
02-May-67 05-Mar-68 2784156 DOWSETT, Denis
22-Apr-68 30-Apr-69 2787712 DOYLE, Rodney Sidney   Deceased Member
12-Dec-66 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
1731107 DRAPER, Graeme Maxwell
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
15-Sep-71 03-Nov-71 39706 DRUMMOND, Robert George  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 1200356 DUFF, Stephen Matthew
30-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 2791128 DUNBARREID, John
16-Sep-70 16-Sep-71 218679 DUNCAN, Brian Michael
09-Sep-68 16-Apr-69 2785769 DUNN, Raymond Leslie
25-Apr-67 23-Dec-67 5714069 DURKIN, Gary John
216603 DWYER, Brian Edward
24-Sep-70 21-Oct-71 255145 DWYER, Christopher John
19-Jan-68 19-Nov-68 311394 DYAS, Kevin Joseph  Deceased Member
25-Nov-69 19-Nov-70 3795438 EBERHARD, Robert Arthur  Deceased Member
25-Nov-70 30-Sep-71 219765 EBORALL, David John   Deceased Member
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 39023 EDWARDS, Barrie James
16-Sep-70 16-Sep-71 44933 EDWARDS, David John
08-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 314171 EDWARDS, David John
26-Aug-70 26-Aug-71 219440 EDWARDS, Edward John
08-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 56338 EDWARDS, Francis Norman
28-Dec-67 28-May-68 37125161 EDWARDS, Peter Anthony   Deceased Member
24-Feb-69 19-Dec-69 1733792 EICKENLOFF, Kevin Michael  Deceased Member
23-May-68 14-May-69 3792384 ELEY, Richard Arnold  Deceased Member
01-Apr-68 23-Apr-69 39060 ELLIS, David John
02-Sep-68 04-Jun-69 54746 ELLIS, Kenneth Raymond
17-Jan-68 03-Jul-68 216875 ELLIS, Robert James
18-Feb-68 18-Nov-68 37817 ELRINGTON, Francis
24-Mar-69 02-Apr-70 216758 EMERY, Peter Sidney
22-Dec-69 17-Dec-70 5716036 EMMANUEL, Peter Paul
14-Oct-68 29-Oct-69 1201307 ENDICOTT, Russell John   Deceased Member
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 1735667 ENKELMANN, Barry Raymond
22-Dec-69 17-Dec-70 27901252 ESLER, Gregory Ryan
25-Apr-67 14-Jan-68 210596 EVANS, Arthur Daniel  Deceased Member
16-Dec-69 10-Dec-70 1734471 EVANS, Lindsay William   Deceased Member
20-Nov-67 03-Jul-68 216606 EVANS, Michael Gregory   Deceased Member
12-Aug-68 20-Aug-69 217017 EVERETT, Anthony Michael
24-Mar-69 18-Mar-70 2787337 EVERY, Peter Graham
24-Mar-68 01-Jul-68 37883 EWELL, Kevin Lawrence   Deceased Member
05-Aug-68 02-Apr-69 4719035 EXCELL, Richard Wickens
03-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 18334 EZZY, Robert Charles   Deceased Member
22-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 5716038 FARMER, Graham
09-Sep-69 27-Aug-70 2791136 FARTHING, Garry Leonard   Deceased Member
17-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 2792388 FATCHES, Frederick James
10-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 43990 FERGUSSON, Malcolm Neil
03-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 55282 FEWSON, Jeffrey Douglas
25-Feb-68 20-Aug-68 37125823 FIDDIAN, Andrew
06-Jan-71 30-Sep-71 36776 FISHER, Brian Robert   + Deceased Member
24-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 3796131 FISHER, Michael John
09-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 5716236 FITZSIMMONS, Stephen Boyce
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 21147 FLANAGAN, Patrick Athol  Deceased Member
13-May-70 12-May-71 2109295 FLETCHER, Alan Thomas
08-Jul-70 08-Jul-71 55972 FLORANCE, Robert John   Deceased Member
01-Apr-69 02-Apr-70 44524 FORRESTER, Alan Roy   Deceased Member
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 4720958 FRANCIS, Leslie Wayne   Deceased Member
12-Dec-66 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
43581 FRANKLIN, Gordon Joseph
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
(*)  Second tour with 110 Sig Sqn
2790521 FRASER, Edward Burns
16-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 1201011 FRASER, Garry William
08-Jul-70 01-May-71 61944 FRENCH, Michael
02-May-67 23-Apr-68 1732145 FRISKE, Geoffrey Charles
03-Jun-69 04-Jun-70 3793357 FROST, Robert Thomas  Deceased Member
17-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 3795439 FULLER, Robert
02-May-67 21-Mar-68 1200531 FULLER, Stephen Richard
10-Feb-70 04-Feb-71 62016 FYSH, Gregory Raymond   Deceased Member
29-Sep-68 23-Jul-69 5715451 GAMBLE, Maxwell Eric
25-Feb-68 28-Aug-68 37125844 GAMBLE, Rowan Edward
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 4718139 GAMEAU, Colin Keith
09-Apr-68 09-Apr-69 29684 GARSIDE, William John
26-Aug-68 02-Apr-69 1733141 GAULT, James Samuel
17-Apr-67 03-Apr-68 57075 GEORGE, Michael John
08-Apr-68 18-Mar-69 1732967 GIBSON, Bernard James   Deceased Member
18-Mar-71 11-Aug-71 55639 GIDDENS, Gregory Henry   Deceased Member
06-May-68 30-Apr-69 44174 GILFILLAN, Robert Terence
3-Nov-71 (+)
15-Jan-72 (+)
2412509 GILL, Brian James  Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
26-Aug-69 16-Jul-70 312506 GILL, Neil Francis
01-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 39067 GITTINGS, John Stephen
24-Mar-70 18-Mar-71 255280 GLADMAN, Colin James
24-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 1201061 GLAZEBROOK, John Eric   Deceased Member
17-Jan-68 10-Apr-68 25177 GODLEY, Desmond Ross
27-May-69 25-Mar-70 368715 GODWILL, Peter Giles
19-Feb-68 19-Nov-68 6708764 GOLDFINCH, Kevin Raymond
24-Sep-70 (+)
55117 GOLDSWORTHY, Andrew John
(+)  Det 152 Sig Sqn - Second Tour
24-Mar-70 26-Nov-70 6709344 GOMER, Howard John
30-Sep-70 26-Aug-71 1736119 GOODCHAP, Frederick George   Deceased Member
22-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 1201806 GORDON, Trevor James
25-Apr-67 15-Oct-67 1200712 GOUGH, Ian John
25-Apr-67 12-Mar-68 3411147 GOULD, Colin Maxwell
15-Apr-70 14-Apr-71 1201608 GOULD, James William
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 44796 GRAEFLING, Graham Herbert
20-Feb-70 21-Jan-71 2792456 GRANLAND, Ian Heyward
15-Jul-68 01-Oct-68 2788315 GREEN, Edward Alan
30-Jun-67 26-Jun-68 55202 GREENHALGH, Malcolm Roy
17-Jan-68 10-Dec-68 1411187 GREENWOOD, Kenneth John
25-May-71 15-Dec-71 56348 GREGG, Stephen Paull
07-Oct-69 08-Oct-70 26535 GROOMBRIDGE, Robert Terrance  Deceased Member
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 4718148 GULLY, Ian Raymond
02-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 37759 GUNST, John Eaton   Deceased Member
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 1735164 GUNTHORPE, Geoffrey Robert
29-Jul-69 23-Jul-70 2791880 HACKETT, Wayne Thomas   Deceased Member
10-Jun-70 26-May-71 4720975 HALL, Dean Walter   Deceased Member
02-May-67 30-Apr-68 2784771 HALL, Stanley Maxwell
03-Mar-69 04-Mar-70 4719930 HAMDORF, Ian Jeffery
(+) 3-Nov-71
(+) 26-Feb-72
55295 HAMERTON, Raymond Ernest  
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
15-Mar-68 26-Mar-69 47035 HAMILTON, Peter Andrew
02-Dec-68 19-Dec-69 217905 HANCOCK, Kim Anthony   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 31-Dec-67 1731447 HANKINSON, Ivan Francis
02-Dec-70 18-Nov-71 43172 HARBRIDGE, Lawrence   Deceased Member
17-Jan-68 10-Dec-68 3790622 HARCOAN, Kenneth William   Deceased Member
(+) 31-May-68
(-) 17-Jul-68
(+) 16-Jul-68
(-) 28-Feb-69
43747 HARDY, James William  Deceased Member
(+) 1ARU  (-) 1RAR
KIA while serving with the Rhodesian Army
17-Jan-68 10-Dec-68 28887 HARDY, Maxwell   Deceased Member
18-Dec-67 19-Nov-68 216465 HARE, Denis Charles
28-Oct-69 01-Oct-70 1201674 HARKINS, Kenrick Michael  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 214713 HARPER, William John
08-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 2795993 HARRIS, Donald Aubrey
11-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 5716840 HARRIS, Neville Bendall
28-Oct-70 30-Oct-71 43995 HARRIS, Quentin Peter
02-Sep-70 29-Oct-70 312569 HARRIS, Shane Philip
11-May-71 18-Nov-71 1203038 HART, Laurence Geoffrey
18-Nov-68 18-Jun-69 4719298 HART, Trevor Allan
12-Aug-69 30-Apr-70 3794481 HARTLEY, Roger Neil
08-Jun-71 15-Dec-71 45561 HASKETT, Desmond Montague
04-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 44320 HASKETT, Neville Winston
19-Aug-71 9-Dec-71 56119 HATTELY, Robert John (*)
10-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 217649 HAYCOCK, Ian John
30-Sep-70 26-Aug-71 1735715 HAYWARD, Malcolm Adrian  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 1200472 HEARN, Barry Robert   
29-Apr-68 28-Sep-68 2786671 HEARNE, Gordon David
17-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 55210 HEATH, David John
16-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 5716256 HEATH, Walter Stewart
29-Jul-69 11-Jun-70 2790513 HEFFERNAN, Graham Paul
13-Jan-69 06-Sep-69 1733604 HEGARTY, Colin
13-Jan-70 14-Jan-71 36216 HENNIGAN, Noel John  Deceased Member
11-Nov-68 18-Jun-69 2787907 HENRY, Ronald James
27-May-69 14-May-70 3792034 HIGGINS, Robert William  Deceased Member
541257 HILL, John Roger
(+)  Det 152 Sig Sqn - Second Tour
12-Aug-68 13-Aug-69 2788378 HILL, Ronald William
07-Jun-67 21-Jun-68 17655 HILL, Robin Noel
11-Nov-68 19-Aug-69 38288 HINCHEY, Raymond Edward
07-Jul-71 03-Nov-71 313690 HINDLE, Peter James
18-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 1202480 HINDLE, Steven Leslie   Deceased Member
02-May-67 06-Feb-68 3411562 HINDSON, Peter Clive   Deceased Member
03-May-67 26-Feb-68 235233 HINTON, Spencer Reynolds
02-Jul-69 04-Jun-70 1201485 HOBBS, Darryll John
01-Apr-69 10-Dec-69 5715670 HOCKING, Richard Ian   Deceased Member
29-Apr-68 20-Jan-69 47002 HOCKNEY, Barry Herbert
20-May-68 16-Sep-68 217123 HODGE, Michael James
19-Feb-68 20-Aug-68 1732453 HOLDEN, Arthur Morton   Deceased Member
20-Feb-70 17-Aug-70 2791917 HOLMES, Phillip Edward   Deceased Member
20-Nov-67 22-Oct-68 54284 HOPE, Harold Robert  Deceased Member
24-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 2792454 HOPKINS, Kenneth David
07-Oct-68 11-Jun-69 1733335 HOPKINS, Russell John
17-Jun-69 14-May-70 1734688 HOPPER, Trevor Frederick   Deceased Member
17-Mar-69 25-Mar-70 235211 HORN, Neil Leslie
26-Aug-68 11-Jun-69 3791607 HORSFALL, Ross Gregory
02-May-67 21-Mar-68 1200109 HOUGHTON, Kevin Stewart
23-Sep-68 17-Sep-69 2787965 HOWARTH, William John
24-Mar-68 20-Mar-69 1732979 HOWELLS, Bruce David
25-May-71 03-Nov-71 4721324 HOWIE, Mark Francis
13-Nov-67 12-Nov-68 55131 HULME, Gordon John  Deceased Member 
14-Feb-67 (+)
24-May-67 (+)
54543 HUNT, Neill George
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
27-Jan-69 (*)
17-Jun-69 (#)
16-Jun-69 (*)
22-Sep-69 (#)
2244111 HUNTER, John Edward
(*) 5RAR
(#) 1ARU
17-Jan-68 07-Jan-69 3790663 HUNTER, Terry Noel
06-Jan-70 13-Aug-70 3793809 HURLEY, Brian Frederick  Deceased Member
06-Jan-70 14-Jan-71 53482 HUSTON, Anthony Brian  Deceased Member
10-Nov-67 02-Apr-68 2412192 HUTCHENS, Arthur George   Deceased Member
15-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 1736856 HUTCHINSON, Wayne Thomas  Deceased Member  (*)
17-Jan-68 27-Aug-68 2785340 HUTTON, Hugh
05-Feb-68 28-May-68 1732164 JACKSON, Desmond Victor
17-Mar-69 25-Feb-70 217951 JACOBSEN, Robert John
04-Nov-69 29-Oct-70 42433 JAMES, Andrew Wesley  Deceased Member
26-Apr-67 29-Mar-68 1200208 JAMES, Donald Matthew  Deceased Member
04-Mar-70 (+)
25-Mar-71 (+)
1200782 JAMES, Robert Dinnin
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
09-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 4720337 JAMESON, Ian Stuart  Deceased Member
23-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 535803 JAUNCEY, Michael George
19-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 313461 JENKIN, Raymond Stuart  Deceased Member
16-Apr-67 07-Apr-68 14309 JENKINS, Stephen John
21-Aug-68 15-Oct-69 131829 JOHNSON, Bernard John   Deceased Member
27-Nov-67 01-Apr-68 39101 JOHNSON, Colin Andrew
216425 JOHNSON, Kevin Patrick
(*) 2nd Tour with 110 Sig Sqn
22-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 5716067 JOHNSON, Malcolm Keith   Deceased Member
13-Aug-69 13-Aug-70 3794392 JOHNSON, Neville Francis
05-Aug-68 06-Aug-69 3792290 JOHNSON, Robert Alan
18-Aug-71 03-Nov-71 1737632 JOHNSTON, Alan Graham
17-Jan-68 28-Feb-68 38807 JOHNSTON, Douglas Bruce    Deceased Member
17-Jan-68 14-Jan-69 44045 JONAS, Geoffrey Rex   Deceased Member
30-Sep-68 08-Oct-69 123117 JONES, Malcolm Gordon
17-Jun-68 14-May-69 5715280 JONES, Raymond Kenneth
217200 JOSEPH, Michael William 
22-Apr-68 18-Mar-69 47190125 JOSLING, Peter Whitney
17-Mar-69 11-Mar-70 1734286 JOYCE, Ian Andrew   Deceased Member
24-Mar-68 02-Apr-69 3411912 JURD, Cecil John
24-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 1735360 KACHEL, Keith John
18-Nov-70 30-Sep-71 3168839 KAUFMANN, George Edward  Deceased Member
11-Feb-68 14-Jan-69 44155 KAYE, Sidney Norris  Deceased Member
03-Mar-70 25-Feb-71 12001258 KEEN, James Walter   Deceased Member
12-Aug-70 16-Jun-71 2792633 KENDALL, John Edward   Deceased Member
09-Dec-69 03-Dec-70 1735037 KENNEDY, Anthony Keith
03-Mar-70 25-Feb-71 44764 KERR, Derek Antony
14-Feb-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
4410330 KESSELL, Ronald Brenton
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
03-Feb-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
5411683 KEYNES, Leonard Clifford
+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
15-Jul-69 17-Jan-70 4720342 KEYTE, Raymond John
24-Mar-71 30-Sep-71 353123 KIELY, Ernest Edward
22-Apr-68 16-Apr-69 1200260 KIELY, Patrick Edward
15-Apr-69 04-Mar-70 2786936 KIMMORLEY, Peter Ross
21-Oct-68 15-Oct-69 212825 KING, Alwynne Rowland
18-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 39758 KING, John Vivian
19-Aug-68 11-Jun-69 3791924 KING, Robin Noel   Deceased Member
09-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 5716277 KINNANE, William Arthur  Deceased Member
22-Jul-69 11-Jun-70 2790658 KIRKLAND, Bruce Edward
08-Jun-71 09-Dec-71 3798610 KNIGHT, Douglas Lindsay
17-Jan-68 14-Jan-69 217146 KOOSACHE, John Francis   Deceased Member
17-Jun-69 04-Jun-70 1734292 KRIEDEMANN, Raymond Percy
15-Jun-71 18-Nov-71 1737251 KUNKEL, Graham William
28-Apr-67 23-Apr-68 216273 LAIRD, Karl Dugger
24-Mar-70 29-Oct-70 1735520 LAKE, Graeme John
31 Mar 71
2 Mar 72 (+)
1201823 LAMBERT, Raymond William  Deceased Member
(+) 2nd Tour with 110 Sig Sqn
13-May-70 12-May-71 1736004 LANGE, Geoffrey Michael  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 06-Feb-68 1731810 LARSEN, Colin Alexander   Deceased Member
12-Dec-66 (+)
24-Apr-67 (+)
1731653 LAUFER, Iven Ross
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
13-Jan-69 14-Jan-70 38104 LAURIE, John Patrick  Deceased Member
22-Apr-69 14-Mar-70 1734137 LAW, Barry Norman   Deceased Member
09-Mar-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
2782371 LAWLOR, Anthony James
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
16-Apr-67 16-Jan-68 17012 LAWRENCE, Gerard James  Deceased Member
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 53791 LAWRINSON, Derek
09-Nov-70 30-Sep-71 1201678 LAWSON, Kevin Edward
17-Jan-68 14-Jan-69 16434 LAYCOCK, Scott Clarence   Deceased Member
08-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 219462 LAZARUS, Maurice
12-Aug-69 30-Jul-70 1733821 LEE, Gorden Herbert
17-Jan-68 20-Aug-68 2785351 LEE, Graham
26-Sep-67 10-Sep-68 32207 LEWIS, Maxwell Alfred  Deceased Member
24-Mar-68 18-Mar-69 1732996 LIDDLE, Peter
25-May-71 09-Dec-71 217660 LINDSAY, Ross David
15-Apr-70 14-Apr-71 1735727 LINWOOD, Leslie Wayne  Deceased Member
15-Apr-70 18-Mar-71 2792217 LITTLE, Harold James
29-Jul-69 23-Jul-70 2785031 LOAN, Murray Grahame
24-Mar-68 02-Apr-69 1732547 LOHRISCH, Allan Kevin
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 37125308 LONERGAN, John William
19-Aug-68 18-Jun-69 1733184 LONG, Patrick Thomas
08-Jun-71 15-Dec-71 120287 LOVELL, David John
28-Dec-67 27-Aug-68 4719421 LOWICK, Robert Leslie
02-Sep-70 02-Sep-71 218416 LUCY, John Raymond
22-Apr-68 02-Apr-69 3791300 LUKER, Ronald James   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 15-Oct-68 216622 LUMB, Rodney Frank
15-Jul-68 23-Jul-69 1733544 LYONS, Denis Aloysius   Deceased Member
02-Dec-68 11-Jun-69 3791565 MAGILL, Terence John
15-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 43806 MALE, Richard Talbot
24-Mar-71 03-Nov-71 3798679 MANKEY, Leslie Donald
13-Jan-69 19-Dec-69 2787486 MANNELL, Dennis John   Deceased Member
17-Mar-71 21-Oct-71 2794506 MARCER, Alfred John
03-May-67 20-Dec-67 37565 MARGERISON, John Peter   Deceased Member
15-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 2796101 MARSHALL, Lloyd Gordon
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 1200599 MARTIN, Harry Richard
13-Jan-70 14-Jan-71 214343 MARTIN, Peter Thomas   Deceased Member
02-May-67 06-Feb-68 54760 MARTIN, Philip Russell
17-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 219565 MARTIN, Robert
18-Nov-70 08-Jul-71 18413 MATHIESON, Desmond James  Deceased Member 
25-Apr-67 30-Nov-67 216697 MATTHEWS, Aubrey   Deceased Member
03-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 45279 MATTHEWS, Graham Douglas
04-May-71 08-Jul-71 313792 MAY, Frederick Keith
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 216520 MAYBERRY, Roger Victor
08-Jul-70 08-Jul-71 218863 MAZENGARB, Michael Peter   Deceased Member
13-May-69 14-May-70 2791246 MAZOUDIER, Robert Monty
03-Feb-71 15-Dec-71 219552 MAZZAROL, Nicholas John
06-May-68 28-May-69 1733631 MCALARY, Terence Keith
07-Oct-69 03-Sep-70 3794814 MCALIECE, Mervyn John
03-Jun-69 11-Jun-70 57151251 MACARTHUR, Ross James
06-Aug-70 18-Feb-71 313257 MCAULAY, Douglas Robert
12-Aug-69 30-Jul-70 3794347 MCCARTNEY, Bernard John
02-May-67 29-Oct-68 2412412 MCCASKILL, John Mcvicar   Deceased Member
23-Sep-70 16-Sep-71 218788 MCCOLLEY, Gary Robert  Deceased Member
25-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 313444 MCCONKEY, Bryan Ronald
03-Jun-69 18-Mar-70 27125808 MCCOOKE, Murray John   Deceased Member
16-Sep-70 19-Aug-71 1736157 MCCORMICK, Peter John  Deceased Member
20-Jan-70 10-May-70 1200488 MCCULLOUGH, Robert Lindsay
39184 MCDONALD, John Stewart   Deceased Member
19-Feb-68 28-Aug-68 55118 MCDONALD, Kenneth  Deceased Member
28-Dec-67 26-Nov-68 38454 MCDONALD, Kenneth Richard  Deceased Member
30-Mar-71 19-May-71 16010 MCDONALD, Robert Rattray  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 1200506 MCGARRY, Ronald Charles   Deceased Member
24-Mar-71 19-Aug-71 2794094 MCGEE, Murray Thomas
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 217100 MCGRATH, William Henry
07-Jan-69 17-Sep-69 1733481 MCGREGOR, Robroy Kirk
26-Apr-67 28-Nov-67 16573 MCGREGOR-JONES, Paul  Deceased Member
23-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 2791235 MCINERNEY, Robin Mervyn
15-Sep-71 27-Nov-71 1737260 MCKAY, Alexander Robert
29-Apr-68 30-Apr-69 37125348 MCKENZIE, Donald Arthur
18-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 38026 MACKENZIE, Kenneth Alexander
17-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 2782875 MACKESON, Donald Richard   Deceased Member
24-Oct-67 15-Oct-68 216360 MCLEAN, Peter Norman
15-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 313109 MCLEOD, Malcolm Leslie
26-Sep-67 09-Nov-67 37125988 MCPHEE, Lindsay John
02-Dec-70 12-Sep-71 313507 MCPHERSON, Donald Gordon
03-Mar-69 25-Feb-70 39678 MEAGER, Richard William   Deceased Member
06-Jan-69 10-Dec-69 1733837 MEAKINS, Bruce Raymond
24-Mar-68 20-Mar-69 17321251 MENAGH, Peter James
14-Oct-70 19-Aug-71 2791008 MENTIS, Constantino
18-Nov-70 05-Aug-71 1735534 MEREDITH, Graham Gordon
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 4719962 MIELS, Robert John   Deceased Member
20-May-69 04-Jun-70 36171 MILLER, David   Deceased Member
18-Feb-68 08-May-68 312541 MILLER, Peter Geoffrey
22-Apr-69 25-Mar-70 5715918 MILNE, Christopher Robert
12-Aug-69 09-Jul-70 3793734 MILNES, Gaven Shayne
13-Jan-70 14-Jan-71 2152426 MINIFIE, Alan Robert
09-Sep-70 09-Sep-71 219295 MITCHELL, Michael John   Deceased Member
23-Sep-69 02-Jul-70 44454 MOBBS, Noel Lawrence
02-May-67 21-Mar-68 216810 MOLINEAUX, Geoffrey William
(+)  4-Nov -71
(+) 12-Feb-72
2788402 MOLONEY, Alan Paul   Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
08-Apr-70 18-Mar-71 5716096 MONERY, Raymond George
03-Mar-68 19-Mar-69 216114 MONTEFIORE, Stanley Williams
17-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 1202943 MOORE, Peter Gerard
13-Jan-69 14-Jan-70 235103 MOREL, Keith Paul   Deceased Member
06-Jan-69 07-Jan-70 123256 MORGAN, David William
10-Mar-68 10-Dec-68 1732607 MORGAN, Geoffrey Robert
02-Dec-69 21-Apr-71 218643 MORRIS, Geoffrey Graham
06-Jan-69 07-Jan-70 53936 MORROW, Christopher David   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 18-Jan-68 213767 MORROW, Neville Bruce  Deceased Member
27-May-70 26-May-71 43407 MORTON, George
03-Mar-70 25-Feb-71 2792726 MOSMAN, Pierre Phillip  Deceased Member
08-Jan-68 21-Jan-69 342611 MOYLAN, Michael Francis  Deceased Member
29-Jul-68 18-Jun-69 3792111 MULGREW, Alan James
08-Jan-68 21-Jan-69 33807 MUNRO, Norman Clark
06-Jan-69 10-Dec-69 1733914 MURPHY, David Joseph
01-Oct-70  19-Aug-71 3797469 MURPHY, Terrence Phillip  Deceased Member
02-Dec-69 26-Nov-70 218351 MURRELL, Maxwell Leonard
23-Oct-67 (+)
21-Mar-68 (+)
215415 MYERS, John   Deceased Member
(+) 32 Small Ship Sqn (AV 1353 Harry Chauvel)
02-May-67 06-Feb-68 1731827 MYERS, Stephen Paul   Deceased Member
12-Dec-66 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
3787382 MYNOTT, David George
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 2205803 NEILSON, Kenneth Bruce
14-Jan-71 18-Nov-71 1203012 NELLEMS, Warren George
22-Apr-69 16-Apr-70 1201626 NEVILLE, Noel Joseph
13-Jun-67 8-May-68 2782774 NEWBURN, John Robert
02-Apr-69 18-Mar-70 2789859 NEWSOME, Terence John
22-Jun-71 11-Nov-71 14664 NICHOLSON, Kenneth Richard  Deceased Member
17094 NICKOLS, David John   Deceased Member
(+) HQ 1 ATF
03-Mar-69 04-Mar-70 1734171 NIELSEN, Dennis
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 215697 NOONAN, John Raymond
29-Apr-67 28-Nov-67 38876 NORMAN, Peter Leslie
29-Jul-68 02-Apr-69 3790591 O'BRIEN, Bruce
28-Dec-67 27-Aug-68 3790065 O'BRIEN, Michael John
09-Dec-70 27-Jan-71 18150 O'BRIEN, Raymond Walter
15-Sep-71 15-Dec-71 217278 O'CONNOR, Donald Patrick  Deceased Member
18-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 1732612 O'CONNOR, Michael Thomas   Deceased Member
11-Aug-71 18-Nov-71 44666 O'DONNELL, William John
09-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 1201579 O'DONOGHUE, Michael Patrick  
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 37931259 O'DONOHUE, Terrence Joseph   Deceased Member
24-Feb-69 02-Sep-69 14485 O'DONOVAN, Denis Alfred
19-Mar-69 11-Mar-70 3793376 O'DOWD, Anthony Paul
07-Oct-70 19-Aug-71 5716878 O'HALLORAN, Noel John
05-Oct-68 23-Jul-69 3792490 O'KEEFE, Leo John
06-Jan-69 17-Sep-69 1733704 O'LEARY, James Thomas
25-Apr-67 05-Mar-68 2783777 OLIVER, Geoffrey Richard  Deceased Member
17-Jan-68 07-Jan-69 3790912 OLIVER, Keith Geoffrey  Deceased Member
28-Apr-71 (+)
6-Mar-72 (-)
5-Mar-72 (+)
2-May-72 (-)
446869 O'NEILL, Brian Desmond  Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
(-)  AAAGV Sig Det
22-Jul-69 09-Jul-70 1201538 ORROCK, Kenneth Lindsay   Deceased Member
20-Nov-67 15-Oct-68 1200219 OSMOND, Edward Clive   Deceased Member
16-Apr-67 09-Nov-67 5714158 O'SULLIVAN, Gerard Francis   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 19-Dec-67 2782910 OVERTON, Kevin Leigh
14-Jul-71 04-Nov-71 2795373 PACKHAM, Clifford Alexander
02-Sep-70 22-Jul-71 61974 PAINTING, Vaughn Wilkins  Deceased Member
29-Jan-68 14-Jan-69 216608 PALIN, Rodney Herbert
24-Mar-68 20-Mar-69 2787211 PANDELUS, Martin Stewart
11-Nov-68 10-Sep-69 3792285 PANKHURST, Raymond John
16-Sep-70 16-Sep-71 3176719 PANTING, Bryan Stanley  Deceased Member
18-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 2412431 PARKYNS, Robert Carswell
11-Feb-68 11-Sep-68 37125 PARROTT, Kenneth Hamilton
15-Jul-69 02-Jul-70 6145125 PARSONS, John Grahame
08-Jun-71 15-Dec-71 45301 PARSONS, Roderick Wayne  Deceased Member
08-Jun-71 09-Dec-71 1202078 PATCH, Ronald Charles  Deceased Member
11-May-71 15-Dec-71 220222 PATTERSON, George
20-Feb-70 18-Feb-71 312967 PEACOCK, Terence Anthony
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 313003 PECK, Andrew Phillip
02-Dec-68 11-Jun-69 215327 PEEK, John Delacy
15-Mar-70 25-Mar-71 55717 PERGUNAS, Francis Joseph
16-Dec-68 17-Sep-69 3792679 PERRY, John Alexander
05-Aug-69 16-Jul-70 547326 PESCUD, Trevor Ian
18-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 1202833 PETCH, Robert Kevin   
06-Jan-69 18-Jun-69 2787545 PETERS, James Robert
08-Apr-70 07-Apr-71 15625 PETERS, Neville Martin  Deceased Member
03-Mar-68 25-Mar-68 43774 PETERSEN, Anson Christian  Deceased Member
02-May-67 06-Feb-68 18823 PETHERICK-COLLINS, Brian Kevin  Deceased Member
15-Jul-71 18-Nov-71 37992125 PHILLIPS, Patrick James
18-Dec-67 26-Nov-68 1732769 PIE, Dugald Miller
24-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 2792667 PINE, John Noel
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 1731919 PIPER, Jeffrey
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 1735755 PITKIN, Colin Maxwell
24-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 1733377 POLLOCK, Ronald George
06-Apr-71 18-Nov-71 1202930 POOL, Anthony Charles
03-Feb-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
38470 PORTER, Edward John
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
25-Apr-67 31-Dec-67 4718028 POST, Rex Peter
24-Mar-70 31-Mar-71 1200646 POULTER, Jeffrey Neville
01-Apr-69 17-Sep-69 2788008 POWER, Gregory George
02-May-67 05-Mar-68 54728 POWER, John Patrick
18-Mar-69 2-Apr-69 2107763 POWNING, Leo Francis  Deceased Member
03-Mar-69 21-Jan-70 4718869 PRICE, John Ronald
10-Jun-69 14-May-70 217555 PROCTOR, John Walter  Deceased Member
24-Mar-71 27-Nov-71 313476 PURCELL, Douglas Neil   Deceased Member
24-Mar-68 26-Mar-69 1733166 PYE, Russell Leonard   Deceased Member
08-Jun-71 09-Dec-71 3798770 PYKE, Edwin John
20-Jan-71 01-Oct-71 11809 QUARRELL, Brian Edward
18-Nov-70 18-Nov-71 166403 QUAYLE, Graham Ian
18-Nov-68 17-Sep-69 1733706 QUIGLEY, Nicholas John
22-Apr-68 02-Apr-69 2786974 QUINLAN, Peter Joseph   Deceased Member
17-Jun-69 18-Jun-70 1734698 RADFORD, Peter David   Deceased Member
20-Jan-70 03-Dec-70 1734776 RAMALLI, Hilton George   Deceased Member
18-Jul-67 28-May-68 2784632 RATTERY, Stephen Robert
214704 REEVES, Terence Edward   Deceased Member
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 1731839 REID, Paul James
1201301 REYNOLDS, Colin Francis   Deceased Member
29-Jul-68 18-Jun-69 2787567 RICHARDSON, Thomas Charles
25-Apr-67 06-Feb-68 1200640 RICHTER, William Charles
14-Oct-68 08-Oct-69 61741 RIEPER, Gregory Donald
05-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 13941 RING, John Frederick   Deceased Member
24-Mar-71 04-Nov-71 2795379 RITCHIE, George
3-Sep-70 (+)
10-Sep-70 (+)
28705 ROBERTS, Anthony Gordon  Deceased Member
(+) Visit to 104 Sig Sqn (Briefing for OC role 1971)
28-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 44178 ROBERTS, Geoffrey William
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 3788586 ROBERTS, Graeme Charles   Deceased Member
18-Nov-68 19-Nov-69 13306 ROBERTS, Nevill Reginald  Deceased Member
19-Feb-68 14-Jan-69 840004 ROBERTSON, Gordon Campbell
29-Apr-70 12-May-71 39873 ROBERTSON, Peter Douglas
25-Apr-67 19-Dec-67 1731699 ROBINSON, David Nicol
03-Dec-69 (+)
19-Nov-70 (+)
55133 ROCHESTER, Terrence Clarry
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
03-Mar-70 04-Mar-71 2791328 ROGERS, Bruce Maxwell
15-Apr-70 31-Mar-71 2792220 ROSE, Anthony Bruce
07-Oct-69 29-Oct-70 13797 ROSS, Donald   Deceased Member
07-Jul-71 09-Dec-71 1736667 ROSS, Donald Maxwell
09-Dec-69 10-Dec-70 1201879 ROSS, Raymond Charles
01-Apr-69 25-Mar-70 4720063 ROTHALL, Raymond John
03-Nov-71 (+)
26-Feb-72 (+)
47201250 ROWE, Peter John
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
15-Jun-71 18-Nov-71 4722034 ROWE, Peter John   Deceased Member
01-Apr-68 02-Apr-69 3791040 ROWE, Robert Brandon
22-Apr-69 07-Jan-70 27125269 RUNDLE, Reuben Frederick
17-Feb-71 06-Nov-71 219786 RUSSELL, David William
02-May-67 20-Feb-68 37812521 RYAN, Robert
55425 SAFE, Peter Gerard
16-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 217459 SANDERS, Geoffrey Allan   Deceased Member
18-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 3790725 SANDERSON, Gordon
14-Oct-68 11-Jun-69 2787741 SANKEY, Stuart William
15-Mar-70 14-Apr-71 6709556 SAUNDERS, Robert William
26-May-71 9-Jun-71 3177097 SAXE, James Frederick
22-Jul-70 26-Aug-71 2793701 SCANLAN, Peter
03-Mar-70 25-Feb-71 1200618 SCHEINPFLUG, Peter Charles
13-May-69 14-May-70 1734783 SCHIFCOFSKE, Leslie Keith  Deceased Member
30-Sep-70 09-Sep-71 43176 SCHIRMER, Arnold Bruce
03-May-67 12-Mar-68 15420 SCHMITT, Kevin Frank
29-Oct-70 (+)
18-Sep-71 (-)
17-Sep-71 (+)
24-Feb-72 (-)
2785529 SCHWER, Ralph Sherwood
(+)  547 Sig Tp
(-)  HQ AFV
14-Oct-70 26-Aug-71 6709615 SCOTT, Kenneth Grant
13-Jan-70 21-Oct-70 218201 SCOTT, Ronald John
14-Oct-69 15-Oct-70 38767 SCREEN, James Raymond
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 2783809 SEABURY, Samuel
11-Nov-69 05-Nov-70 42445 SEIDEL, Denis Lionel   Deceased Member
11-Aug-71 02-Dec-71 3168803 SEMPLE, Reinhold William  Deceased Member
17-Apr-67 14-Nov-67 16521 SEXTON, Anthony Thomas
24-Mar-71 27-Nov-71 5717470 SHANHUN, Darrell Lindsay
03-Mar-69 04-Mar-70 217113 SHAW, Wayne Heywood
22-Jul-68 30-Jul-69 217090 SHEARING, Robert Brian
08-Jul-70 08-Jul-71 3791844 SHEEN, Victor James   Deceased Member
08-Jan-68 (+)
14-Jan-69 (+)
12001254 SHORT, Kenneth John
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
20-Jan-71 4-Feb-71 257003 SIDEY, Colyn John  Deceased Member
26-Nov-69 29-Oct-70 16510 SIEPEN, Arthur Trevor
11 Mar 69 (+)
21 Apr 69 (+)
14549 SIM, Robert Charles   Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
24-Mar-68 18-Mar-69 3791115 SIMPSON, Eric Raymond
14-Jan-71 18-Nov-71 219154 SINCLAIR, Colin Norman
24-Mar-70 18-Mar-71 218091 SKELTON, Kenneth George
12-Aug-69 16-Jul-70 55492 SKINNER, Terrence John
20 May 67 (+)
8 Nov 67 (+)
5714194 SKUTHORP, Garnett Ross Munro   Deceased Member
(+) 709 Sig Tp (110 Sig Sqn)
13-May-69 14-May-70 5716362 SLOAN, Kerry Dexter  Deceased Member
02-Dec-68 17-Sep-69 1733514 SMITH, Allan Clifford   Deceased Member
20-Aug-68 23-Jul-69 1733515 SMITH, Barry Clifford
05-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 1201029 SMITH, Brian Henry
15-Apr-69 28-Dec-69 5411724 SMITH, Clyde
25-May-71 15-Dec-71 62092 SMITH, Irvin Leslie
18-Nov-68 07-May-69 1733662 SMITH, John
18-Dec-67 10-Dec-68 2786480 SMITH, Kevin John
20-Jan-71 19-Aug-71 2794093 SMITH, Owen Darcy
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 55769 SMITH, Peter Kenneth
04-Aug-71 03-Nov-71 220507 SMITH, Peter Raymond
23-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 2791186 SMITH, Philip Charles
25-May-71 27-Nov-71 219408 SMITH, Raymond Thomas
3-May-67 20-Feb-68 37796 SMITH, Richard Mervyn
03-Mar-69 25-Feb-70 217194 SMITH, Robert Duncan
10-Jun-70 16-Jun-71 218632 SMITH, Rodney Alan
23-Sep-70 26-Aug-71 57170125 SMITH, Russell Ernest  Deceased Member
24-Mar-68 02-Apr-69 4719184 SMITH, Victor John
13-Jan-70 24-Sep-70 54979 SMITHERS, James Edward
20-Jan-71 21-Oct-71 134642 SOTHMAN, Peter Neil
01-Apr-69 18-Mar-70 27125651 SOUTHON, Glen Stephen
10-Dec-70 18-Oct-71 1200823 SPANN, Carl Stanley
08-Jul-69 11-Jun-70 1734619 SPARK, Thomas George   Deceased Member
18-Dec-67 05-Dec-68 2786182 SPRING, Thomas Lavenham   Deceased Member
21-Oct-70 01-May-71 24351 STAFFORD, Bruce William    Deceased Member
01-Apr-69 04-Mar-70 4720014 STAINER, Derek Laurence
20-Feb-70 18-Jun-70 5716148 STAPLETON, Phillip John
20-Nov-67 28-May-68 1732212 STARK, David Malcolm  Deceased Member
17-Mar-71 18-Nov-71 217599 STAUNTON, Geoffrey Russell
06-Jan-71 16-Nov-71 15257 STEFFAN, Ronald Charles   Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 19-Dec-67 1731508 STEHN, Graham Horace
16-Apr-67 02-Apr-68 1200548 STEPHENSON, John Ian    Deceased Member
15-Jul-69 14-May-70 4720250 STEVENS, Graham Leslie
23-Sep-69 03-Sep-70 2791364 STEVENS, Terence James
24-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 5411706 STEVENSON, Alan
20-Jan-70 21-Jan-71 352929 STEWARD, Ronald William
13-May-70 02-Feb-71 3796540 STEWART, Donald Ian
16-Apr-67 20-Feb-68 5411516 STICKMAN, Ross Alfred
08-Jan-68 14-Jan-69 28471 STILL, Ronald August   Cross
7-May-68 (+)
15-Sep-68 (+)
217128 STOKER, John William 
(+)  110 Sig Sqn before joining 104 Sig Sqn 
24-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 3791738 STONE, Thomas Charles  Deceased Member
10-Mar-71 09-Sep-71 1203254 STONER, Charles George
18-Feb-67 (+)
29-Apr-67 (+)
55031 STRAHAN, William Brian  Deceased Member
(+)  103 Sig Sqn before 104 Sig Sqn arrived
13-Jan-69 14-Jan-70 58621 STURGES, Terrence
25-Apr-67 23-Dec-67 1731718 SULLIVAN, Brian Keith
09-Dec-68 18-Jun-69 3791553 SULLIVAN, Geoffrey Wayne  Deceased Member
29-Jul-68 18-Jun-69 3791622 SUMMERFIELD, Allan Ray
07-Oct-69 01-Oct-70 1200983 SUTHERLAND, Donald
12-Aug-70 05-Aug-71 218468 SUTTON, Gary James
17-Jun-69 04-Jun-70 1734195 SWALLING, Garry John
10 Apr -69 (+)
16 Apr 69 (+)
2183748 SWAN, Barry Gordon   Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
01-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 1736986 SWAN, Russell William
05-Feb-68 07-Jan-69 5715015 SWEET, Glenn Pearson
05-Feb-68 28-May-68 37125501 SWINDELLS, Edward George   Deceased Member
29-Apr-70 25-Mar-71 1735421 TALLON, Bruce John
25-Apr-67 23-Apr-68 216635 TALTY, William Anthony
02-Dec-69 03-Dec-70 2784943 TATE, John Robert
17-Jan-68 07-Jan-69 2786034 TAYLOR, Gordon Allan   Deceased Member
18-Feb-68 14-Jan-69 212580 TAYLOR, John Anthony
13-May-70 25-Feb-71 4720861 TAYLOR, Leon Malcolm
02-Nov-71 (+)
26 Feb-72 (+)
219828 TAYLOR, Rodney Michael  Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
15-Jun-71 18-Nov-71 2795779 THACKRAY, Allan Geoffrey
09-Dec-68 22-Oct-69 14598 THOMAS, Grenville Bryan
07-Oct-70 30-Sep-71 43851 THOMAS, Lynton Noel
19-Aug-68 20-Aug-69 2788429 THOMAS, Ross Ernest
10-Mar-68 03-Dec-68 11335 THOMPSON, David Edward   Deceased Member
23-Dec-69 03-Dec-70 42823 THOMPSON, Frederick Arthur
07-Jul-71 18-Nov-71 313711 THOMPSON, Gary David
23-Dec-70 08-Jun-71 1201345 THOMPSON, John Edwin
18-Nov-68 29-Oct-69 1201561 THOMPSON, Keith Alfred
02-Sep-69 27-Aug-70 1202040 THOMPSON, Warren
13 Aug 1970 (+)
12 Aug 1971 (+)
1200768 THOMSON, Alan James  Deceased Member
(+) 547 Sig Tp 2nd Tour
01-Sep-71 04-Nov-71 3798887 THOMSON, Robert Bruce
11-Nov-68 17-Jun-69 1733668 THOMSON, Robert Kenneth  Deceased Member
23-Sep-70 19-Aug-71 42780 THOMSON, Robert Warren
03-Mar-68 12-Nov-68 51586 THORLEY, Ian William   Deceased Member
1200699 THORNE, Kerry Peter
18-Feb-68 07-Jan-69 1732804 TIERNAN, David John
01-Sep-71 03-Nov-71 311579 TIERNEY, Michael Vincent
12-Sep-68 (+)
7-Jan-69 (+)
47112514 TILLEY, Colin Williams   Deceased Member
(+) 110 Sig Sqn
08-Apr-68 17-Jul-68 3791064 TOOLE, Roger Cleveland   Deceased Member
03-Mar-68 10-Dec-68 15491 TORRENS, Michael Desmond   Deceased Member
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 216319 TOULMIN, John David
24-Jun-70 31-Mar-71 37956125 TRAILL, Vernon Rex
25-Aug-71 15-Dec-71 5718143 TREADGOLD, Darryl Norman
24-Mar-68 20-Mar-69 3791230 TREZISE, Allan Maxwell   Deceased Member
02-Dec-69 19-Nov-70 55463 TRICKETT, Bernard George
01-Apr-69 25-Mar-70 3793527 TRIDGELL, Brian Edmond
08-Apr-68 17-Sep-68 6410205 TRIFFITT, Lex John
02-May-67 05-May-68 32887 TRUE, Harold  Deceased Member
06-Dec-68 03-Dec-69 3792722 TUNZI, Geoffrey Charles   Deceased Member
11-Nov-69 01-Oct-70 151253 TURNER, Bevan Patrick  Deceased Member
29-Apr-68 02-Apr-69 55095 TWINING, Kenneth Seignior  Deceased Member
28-May-71 18-Nov-71 1202745 UNWIN, Kevin Arthur
02-Dec-68 10-Dec-69 217051 VALLANCE, Robert John
18-Nov-68 17-Sep-69 2788187 VENNING, Ian John
05-Feb-68 28-May-68 37125549 VOKES, Daryl John
22-Jul-70 16-Jun-71 2792576 WAITES, Gary William
10-Jun-70 09-Jun-71 55715 WALLDER, Kenneth John
04-Jul-68 02-Jul-69 1200908 WALPOLE, Alan
17-Dec-68 17-Sep-69 2788191 WALTON, Trevor Keith  Deceased Member
29-Dec-67 26-Nov-68 61520 WARD, John   Deceased Member
08-Jan-68 10-Dec-68 53808 WARD, Joseph   Deceased Member
22-Apr-68 16-Apr-69 19990 WARDEN, Douglas Jeffrey
29-Apr-68 07-May-69 2412478 WATERS, Colin David
28-Oct-70 28-Oct-71 36282 WATERSTON, Bruce Anthony  Deceased Member
25-Apr-67 23-Dec-67 37522 WATKINS, Gary Richard
17-Mar-70 18-Mar-71 2791882 WATLING, Dennis Raymond
17-Mar-70 25-Mar-71 55213 WATSON, David John   Deceased Member
18-May-71 30-Sep-71 3799571 WATT, Maxwell Eric  Deceased Member
17-Jun-69 04-Jun-70 27125012 WATT, Ronald David
01-Sep-71 18-Nov-71 56462 WEBBER, Robert Charles
24-Mar-70 25-Mar-71 4720872 WEBBER, Stephen John   Deceased Member
13-Apr-71 09-Dec-71 1201987 WEIRMAN, Robin Leslie   Deceased Member
3-Nov-66 (+)
16 Apr-67
10-Dec-66 (+)
23-Dec-71 (*)
53163 WEIR-SMITH, Peter  Deceased Member
(+) HQ AAFV 1st Tour
(*) 547 Sig Tp 3rd Tour
10-Mar-68 04-Mar-69 5715187 WELLER, Alan Cyril
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 2784336 WELLER, Stuart Lindsay
10-Jun-68 11-Jun-69 3792652 WELLINGTON, Brian Leslie
29-Apr-68 10-Dec-68 5715032 WELLS, Robert William
10-Jun-68 04-Jun-69 2787653 WESTWOOD, James Arthur
25-Apr-67 23-Apr-68 216614 WHEATLEY, William Anthony   Deceased Member
08-Jul-70 29-Jan-71 55837 WHELAN, Graham Patrick
47051 WHITE, Anthony John  Deceased Member
17-Apr-67 09-Apr-68 16862 WHITEHEAD, William James
08-Jun-71 16-Oct-71 218826 WHITELEY, Ian Lindsay  Deceased Member
29-Apr-70 21-Apr-71 312886 WIGMORE, William James
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 2784085 WILEY, Colin James  Deceased Member
01-Sep-71 15-Dec-71 2242195 WILKIE, Giles Malcolm  Deceased Member
15-Jul-68 06-Aug-69 1733680 WILKINS, Reginald John   Deceased Member
27-Nov-67 10-Dec-68 55090 WILLIAMS, Basil John
19-Aug-68 13-Aug-69 2184008 WILLIAMS, Leslie Thomas
24-Mar-71 27-Nov-71 5717323 WILLIAMS, Neville Wayne
23-Feb-71 18-Nov-71 220072 WILLIS, Donald Bruce
30-Aug-71 18-Nov-71 1736965 WILLMOT, Malcolm Allan
08-May-67 06-Feb-68 1731960 WILMOT, Keith George
18-Dec-67 11-Jun-68 5714798 WILSON, Ian Campbell
02-May-67 30-Mar-68 2783894 WILSON, James Alexander
19-Aug-68 20-Aug-69 1733681 WILSON, Patrick James
1201940 WILSON, Robert Banclay   Deceased Member
AK - 16 Jul 71 - Lest we forget  
(*) Second Tour with 1 Fd Sqn, RAE
17-Jun-69 11-Jun-70 5715980 WINSOR, Kenneth Ross
14-Mar-68 20-Mar-69 1200004 WOJCIECHOWSKI, Wally
21-Feb-70 18-Feb-71 218935 WOOD, David Kemble
61856 WOODFIELD, Graeme Maxwell   Deceased Member
02-May-67 09-Apr-68 43981 WOODHOUSE, Murray Allan
23-Feb-71 26-Aug-71 2793904 WOODS, Kenneth John   Deceased Member
22-Jul-69 30-Apr-70 4720262 WOODS, Murray Frank   Deceased Member
24-Feb-69 11-Feb-70 1201382 WRIGHT, Ernest William   Deceased Member
13-Aug-68 18-Jun-69 2787675 WYER, Kerry Edward
05-Feb-68 27-Aug-68 1732118 WYETH, Trevor John
03-Mar-68 16-May-68 1732408 YOUNG, Alexander Henry   Deceased Member
KIA - 16 May 1968 - Lest we forget 
02-May-67 12-Mar-68 2783906 YOUNG, Colin John 
17-Jun-68 02-Apr-69 3791416 ZANDER, Graham John Deceased Member

    Deceased Member  Deceased (Please advise any corrections)

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