Memorabilia 17 - HMAS Sydney Newsletter


Newsletter from  HMAS Sydney "The Vung Tau Ferry" as issued
Thursday 1st February 1968

Supplied by John "Suitcase" Koosache

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  104 Sig Sqn landing on HMAS Sydney 6 Nov 1971 to return home      HMAS Sydney "The Vung Tau Ferry" off Vung Tau - 6 Nov 1971
Photos of "The Vung Tau Ferry" with 104 Sig Sqn veterans and our equipment, for the Units return trip to Australia. Left Photo - 104 Radio Sgt Ken Mackenzie getting out of the Huey on the Ship's old flight deck
(Left Door Way - Photo right).  Others unknown 6 Nov 1971.

Comment:     Original laid down as HMS Terrible, the Majestic Class Aircraft Carrier was commissioned at Devonport, England on the 18 Dec 1948 and was Australia's first Aircraft Carrier.   HMAS Sydney served in the Korean War and was converted to a Fast Troop Ship in the early 1960's.  HMAS Sydney did 25 voyages to Vietnam, transporting 16,084 troop, 5753 deadweight tons of cargo and 2375 vehicles.  The ship is affectionately known as the "The Vung Tau Ferry" by Vietnam Veterans.   John, like many 104 Sig Sqn veterans  and most of our equipment, traveled on the old aircraft carrier to and from Vietnam.

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