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104 Sigs - Norm Munro and Blue Still 1968
1-1.  Maj Norm Munro, OC 104 Sig Sqn (Left) and WO2 Ron (Bluey) Still, SSM 104 Sig Sqn.  Photo supplied by Norm Munro.   [1968]

104 Sig s - Bob Parkyns ? Norm Munro ? Geoff Molineaux ? and Scotty Laycork?  1968  
L-R  Bob Parkyns, ?, Norm Munro, ?, Geoff Molineaux, Harry True, ?. Photo supplied by Norm Munro.  [1968]

 104 Sigs - Denis Hare (centre) holding L1A2 (Auto/Heavy Barrel SLR) 1968
1-3.  L-R  Blowie, Denis Hare and Bob Johnson.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.[1968] 

Denis holding an AR (Automatic Rifle) L2A1. 104 Sig Sqn had a large number of the AR's for  detachment defence.

 104 Sigs - Digging the New Comms Con 1968
1-4.   Digging the new 104 CP late 1968. From Left, Ken Cox,?,?, Ross Horsfall,?, Richard Christiansen.  Photo supplied by Denis Hare.   [1968]

104 Sig Sqn    
1-5.  New transport sign. From left, ?, Robert (Blue) Gilfillan, ?   Sign painted by Denis Hare in 1968.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.  [1968]

PMG hell drivers referenced us to the Postmaster General's Department (PMG) that maintain communications back home.  Garsite's rock was a dig at William (Bill) Garsite who hit a rock returning from one of his fresh ration runs to Vung Tau.  The Landrover sump was holed.  Bill was the unit Sergeant Cook and a fine drinker!

104 Sig Sqn
1-6.   Denis (Rabbit) Hare at FSPB Lion.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.   [1968]

104 Sigs - L-R Peter McLean, Bas Williams, Rabbit Hare and Thomo Thomson 1968
1-7.   From left, Peter McLean, Basil (Bas)  Williams, Denis (Rabbit) Hare and Alan (Thomo) Thomson.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.  [1968]

104 Sig Sqn  
1-8.  Stanley (Monty) Montefiore at Nui Dat.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.   [1968]

104 Sigs - Peter Blackman, Denis Hare and Doug Warden 1968
1-9.  L-R Peter Blackman, Denis Hare and Doug Warden.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.  [1968]

 104 Sigs - Geoff Roberts 1968
1-10.  Geoff Roberts.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.  [1968]

 104 Sigs - Paul Clancy 1968
1-11.  Paul Clancy.  Photo supplied by Denis Hare.   [1968]

 104 Sigs - Peter Craddock 1968
1-12.   Peter Craddock.  Photo supplied by Denis Hare.    [1968]

 104 Sigs - Robert Lowick 1968
1-13.  Robert Lowick.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare.   [1968]

 104 Sigs - Stand-to at FSB Lion Nov 1968
1-14.   104 Sigs Standing-To at FSPB Lion.  Photo supplied by Ken Cox.  [1968]

104 Sigs - L-R Gordon Taylor - Ken Cox - Richard Christiansen - Geoff Morgan 1968
1-15.   From left on Nui Dat Hill, Gordon Taylor, Ken Cox, Richard Christiansen and Geoff Morgan.  Photo  supplied by Ken Cox.
[March 1968]

104 Sig Sqn
1-16.   104 Radio Detachment that deployed with HQ1ATF Recce Party to FSPB Lion. Detachment has setup the RT-524/VRC Radio Set on the VHF Command Net as Callsign 87. L-R Graham Christie, ?,?  Photo  supplied by Ken Cox.  [2 Nov 1968]

Note:  large 24V wet cell batteries to power the Radio Set.

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