Story 17 - Costly Swim at Nui Dat

By Denis Hare

After many drinks on a hot Saturday afternoon, early 1968, Karl (Bung) Laird and John Lonergan got the urge for a swim.  The only water was the water tanks at the shower/water point, near the OR’s boozer.   With encouragement from the lads in the boozer, the two diggers dive in and had a great time until caught by the SSM.  It was considered “bad form” to be swimming in the drinking water and both were charged and appeared before the Boss (OC).  They were both found guilty and for their brief dip in the tanks, received 10 days in ‘the slot’ at the Military Corrective Establishment (MCE) in Vung Tau.

John Lonergan completing a dive into the tank

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