Story 37

Robert Barclay "Scotty" Wilson

By Paul Stott

Paul Stott, 110 Sig Sqn

Scotty Wilson first tour in Vietnam was with 104 Sig Sqn, as a Radio Operator, from 1 April 1969 to 2 April 1970.  He return to Vietnam on the 17 Feb 1971 with 1 Fd Sqn (RAE).   He was involved in an accident, when a Tip Truck rolled on him in Phuoc Tuy Province.  He died from his injuries in the US Army 24th Evacuation Hospital at Long Binh on the 16 July 1971, aged 21. 

   Scotty is buried at the Ravenshoe General Cemetery, Queensland.

Click   Sapper Robert Barclay Wilson, AK in Phuoc Tuy Province, SVN, 16 Jul 1971

Lest We Forget

Scotty in the centre looking at the Camera
Scotty in the Centre looking at the Camera - Others unknown

I took this photo when we were both members of 139 Sig Sqn, based at Enoggera, and on our way to an Exercise out of Ingham in late 1968.  The train carried us and our vehicles as far as Townsville and from there we drove up to Ingham to our base camp in the show grounds. This picture was taken in the main street of Rockhampton while we waited for some shunting. On the return journey I shared a cabin with Scotty.

Paul Stott
Det 110 Sig Sqn, Nui Dat  1969/70

Photos of Scotty on his First Tour with 104 Sig Sqn 1969/70

Scotty Wilson 1969
114-9.  L-R Colin Elliott (Det 110 Sig Sqn) supervising weapon pit work party on the left, two unknown
and Robert "Scotty" Wilson standing.  Photo supplied by John Bertini [1969]

Scotty Wilson 1969
115-3.  104 Sig Sqn in Vung Tau talking to White Mice (SVN police). Scotty Wilson sunglasses on
right facing camera.   Photo supplied by John Bertini [1969]

Scotty Wilson 1969
115-6.  L-R Scotty Wilson, Buddha Calderwood, ? Twiggy Skinner, ?, ?, Andy Anderson, Dick Stainer,
Tom Spark and Wayne Hackett (Front).  Photo supplied by Robert Anderson [1970]

Scotty Wilson 1969
116-11.  Robert 'Scotty' Wilson on the sandbag mortar pit protection for his tent at 104 Sig Sqn.
Photo supplied via AWM [1969].

104 Sig Sqn Story 37
118-3.  Robert 'Scotty' Wilson working in the COMCEN at 104 Sig Sqn.
Photo supplied via AWM [1969].

104 Sig Sqn Story 37
118-2.  Robert 'Scotty' Wilson just before deploying to South Vietnam on his first tour
with 104 Sig Sqn.  Photo supplied via AWM [1969].


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